Shavit Marina

Shavit Marina and Fisherman Wharf is one of the oldest, most beautiful, and safest Marinas in Israel, with a capacity of 400 boats in water depth of 4m.
The Marina is located at the Kishon River estuary, in Haifa's main harbor and it is owned by Israel Ports Company.
Haifa is the major northern city of Israel; it is a 30 minute drive from Nazareth, and 50 minutes from the Sea of Galilee and the Jordan River, and from Jordan's border (Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan).

Shavit Marina is a port-of-entry to Israel, and the passport control is operated 24x7.

The available facilities include: electricity, water, cathodic protection, toilets and showers, and free Wi-Fi Internet throughout the Marina.

The Shavit Marina is a boat and fishing harbor located east of the Haifa Port on the banks of the Kishon River near the estuary of the river to the sea. The Shavit Marina serves as the main fishing port in Israel and the northern marina for private boats; it regularly accommodates about 400 small boats and fishing boats. The Shavit Marina is an officially recognized anchorage.

Since 2005, the marina has been managed by the Israel Ports company, which promotes a plan for developing the anchorage and invests considerable resources in improving the service for marina users and visitors.
The marina has a border control checkpoint.

Projects planned

As part of the development of the marina, planning is underway for the construction of a modern storage and dry storage area, as well as the addition of floating piers.

The Marina – Facts and Figures

Land area - The marina extends over an area of some 220 dunams and borders the Kishon Park.
The marine area - 54 dunams.
The total length of the berths - 941 meters
The total length of floating piers - 800 meters
The total length of the docks and piers used for anchoring - 1,741 meters.
Depth of water - The anchorage was dug to a depth of 3.5 meters and allows safe movement for boats in the appropriate draft level. The entrance channel is 4.5 meters deep.
Type of soil in the marina area - mud and sand.
Anchoring a boat in the marina – with bow and stern perpendicular to the berths and piers.
The anchorage docks are specially adapted to be handicapped-accessible.

Opening Hours

Sunday-Thursday: 08:00-16:00

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