Israel & Mexico signed R&D Agreement

Port2port News Service

The agreement will see the Office of the Chief Scientist at the Israeli Ministry of Economy and its Mexican counterpart arrange funding for companies engaging in joint R&D projects

Matimop - Israeli Industry Center for R&D, a government agency that generates and implements international cooperative industrial R&D programs between Israeli and foreign enterprises and the Office of the Chief Scientist recently signed a cooperation agreement with Mexico to fund shared research & development projects between the countries.

The agreement, which was signed by Israeli Ambassador to Mexico Rodica Radian Gordon, will see the Office of the Chief Scientist (OCS) at the Israeli Ministry of Economy and its Mexican counterpart CONACYT (Consejo Nacional de Ciencia y Tecnología) arrange funding for Israeli and Mexican companies engaging in joint R&D projects.

 As part of the agreement, Mexico joined the international cooperation track supported by the Office of the Chief Scientist that will see to the funding of projects as well as shared R&D on joint projects.

The countries are likely to cooperation in the sectors of: water treatment, agriculture in arid regions, medicine, medical equipment, electronics and communications. At the beginning of 2015, a general announcement for cooperative efforts between Israeli and Mexican companies will be issued, with the selected projects funded by

MATIMOP and the Office of the Chief Scientist. Rona Kotler Ben Aroya, Trade Attaché to Mexico from the Israeli Ministry of Economy, said: "Mexico is one of the world's largest manufacturers in a variety of fields, comprising an essential part of the country's economy. Many of its products are intended for the North American market.

In an effort to preserve its global competitiveness, the Mexican government has set a goal of advancing research and development in order to streamline and upgrade the manufacturing processes of local companies by implementing advanced technologies in the manufacturing process.

The signing of the industrial R&D agreement between Israel and Mexico will help Israeli companies integrate products and advanced technologies with local manufacturers and realize the potential of this market."