Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility

The Israel Ports Company has taken the lead to promote a number of initiatives aimed at improving the overall efficiency of Israel's trade related logistics for the benefit of exporters, importers and other trade partners.
The main initiatives include:

The "Good Night Initiative":

The Israel Ports Company, in cooperation with the Ministry of Transport and Road Safety, has developed and managed an initiative designed to encourage off-peak truck traffic transporting full containers to and from the country's ports.  The IPC provides a monetary incentive to importers and exporters for each container that they transport at night. The initiative is aimed at better balancing the use of port and road infrastructure by spreading traffic throughout the course of the day.   As a by-product, the general public benefits by reduced traffic congestion on the country's main traffic arteries and at the entrance to port cities during the day, as well as reduced air pollution.

Israel Maritime Community System (TASK-YAM)

The company has pioneered a technological platform that digitalizes trade processes.  The platform is used by hundreds of companies and organizations involved in maritime trade, facilitating smooth communications between various trade sector players. The platform is based on a single window concept and has facilitated uniform language and standards, shortened transport processes, reduced paperwork and yielded significant ongoing savings to all of the companies engaged in foreign trade logistics. While the platform is voluntary, virtually all of the relevant trade documentation is now paperless.  The IPC has developed internet applications designed to enable small-scale and new users to use the platform without having to develop expensive software. In addition, the IPC is also promoting the connectivity of its processes to processes used externally by the international trade community.

Promoting marine education

As a national infrastructure company, the IPC is working on a number of initiatives to promote maritime professionalism in Israel, to expand maritime research and to train future generations in maritime transport and engineering infrastructure.  These initiatives include, amongst others, scholarships for outstanding students and doctoral candidates at the Faculty of Civil Engineering at the Technion. The company also develops and operates community programs in port city schools, teaching students basic concepts in world trade, shipping, ports and transport of goods and products. Likewise, the program advances understanding of the "port-city" concept and importance of port cities in the global trade center and economics chain.