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Seaport development is a strategic goal of the Israeli economy as the country expands its global trade. Global trade has been growing annually over the last decade at rates that frequently exceed 10%. Locally, Israel’s container traffic doubles every decade. As a result of the existing geopolitical situation, such traffic must move through Israel seaports which in fact handle in excess of 98% of the country's international trade – making the economy completely dependent on our seaports.Shalom.png

The development of a modern and competitive port system is essential for Israel's economic growth. Such development will also influence our regional trade position and creates the potential to turn Israel's ports from a "final destination" gateway to a regional gateway.

The Israel Ports Company has a central role in bringing this vision to reality. We carry out our mission considering national interests with the goal of addressing the needs of the economy.

The Israeli government carried out a major port sector reform program during 2005. As part of that program, the Israel Ports Authority ceased operations and was replaced by four independent government-owned companies, the Haifa Port Company, Ashdod Port Company and Eilat Port Company, with responsibility for handling cargo in each of their respective ports, and the Israel Ports Company, with responsibility for managing and developing port infrastructure and common services. The reform program primary goal is to create real competition in the cargo handling sector, thereby encouraging improved efficiency and service.

The IPCs Board of Directors, together with the company's management and employees, promote such goals through the development of port infrastructure, promotion of conditions that facilitate private sector involvement, and innovation in technology and operational processes.

Intensive Development: The Israel Ports Company continues to carry out a series of mega infrastructure and development initiatives, investing some NIS 5.7 billion. These initiatives include such flagship projects as the Eitan Terminal in Ashdod which was completed during 2006 and the Carmel Terminal in Haifa wh​ich was completed during 2009. The company is carrying out dozens of additional development, construction, upgrade and infrastructure rehabilitation initiatives at all three of our ports.

Encouraging Competition: The company's Board of Directors approved an agreement with Israel Shipyards Company, enabling that company to handle cargo, as agreed upon during the port reform process. This agreement became operational with the award of an operational license to Israel Shipyards by the Ministers of Finance and Transport.

The Israel Ports Company believes that true competition in the port sector will only take place when the market is opened to new private sector operators. Therefore, the company supports the privatization of Eilat Port and has based its Strategic Master Plan on the introduction of the private sector in the development and operations of future terminals it plans to construct in Haifa and Ashdod. 

Streamlining operations: At the Israel Ports Company, we place great importance on streamlining national logistics processes. In this spirit, the company's Board of Directors has approved the financing and leadership of an initiative - "Good Night" - which is intended to divert some daytime operations to nighttime hours, thus improving the utilization of port infrastructure. This initiative is but one of the projects undertaken together with the port operating companies to promote the streamlining of logistics chain.

Long-term vision: Our company’s policy is to take a long term approach to its field of business. We have developed a master plan for future port development with a fifty year planning horizon, realizing that without such long term planning, competing uses for coastal property will prevent the port infrastructure development that will be needed by future generations for their economic health. 

The Israel Ports Company, its management and employees, have accumulated years of experience planning, developing and managing port infrastructure. The staff brings a wealth of knowledge and professional experience, accumulated during the years of that the Ports Authority managed Israel's ports. 

We aim to promote and achieve our goals through cooperation and collaboration and we are committed to lead the sector's development for the greater good of the economy.


Board of Directors​​
Photographer: YachinYankalevitch