Company Policy

The Israel Ports Company, which is responsible for developing and managing Israel's port infrastructure, is committed to protecting the environment and has adopted the principle of sustainable development, which considers the prudent use of natural resources and protection of ecological systems, while promoting port development required to address the needs of the national economy.

In carrying out its mission, the Company aims to conduct its business based on the following principles:

  • Integrating environmental considerations within the port development decision - making process, as well as in regard to port operations, to the extent that the Company is legally responsible for such operations;
  • Strict compliance with the law, as well as taking additional steps to minimize the environmental impact of ports, including the use of environmentally-friendly technologies;
  • Prudent use of natural resources, minimizing waste and encouraging the use of environmentally- friendly materials and recycled materials;
  • Engaging the community on issues related to port development plans and the environmental impact of port activities;
  • Developing and implementing environmental management systems, including periodic performance monitoring;
  • Initiating projects, surveys and studies, and undertaking monitoring activities aimed at assessing and/or reducing the environmental impact of the ports;
  • Public transparency – publishing environmental information and periodic environmental reporting;
  • Encouraging and, to the extent possible, assuring the commitment of other port entities to apply environmental policies based on the above principles.